Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Half-Hearted Applause: The Military Goes Green

Scientists in Germany have developed a bomb that is not only more powerful than traditional carbon-based explosives, such as TNT and RDX, it is also less harmful to the environment. The new explosives, G2ZT and HBT, are based on tetrazoles. They're less apt to spontaneously combust than TNT. And did we mention that they're totally green? TNT and RDX release toxic chemicals, and even if the charge fails to detonate the the chemicals are released into the ground and water. The tetrazole bombs do produce hydrogen cyanide, but whip some oxidizers in there and you prevent that and make the explosion bigger!

I can see the press conference. Killing twice the people, now with 90% fewer carbon emissions!

-N. Votta

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