Monday, May 5, 2008

Thomas Ligotti knows sad songs

Thomas Ligotti is one of horror fiction's top stylists. For anyone not familiar w/his work, he writes profoundly unsettling stories that sit at the point where Poe, Lovecraft, et al. run headlong into Nabokov and Burroughs. He's also a sucker for a sad song. Here are 11 of his favourites:

Nico--Fairest of the Seasons

Lou Reed--Sad Song

Carpenters--Goodbye to Love

Cocteau Twins--Heaven

The Vogues--Turn Around

Bee Gees--I Started a Joke

The Poni-Tails--Born Too Late

Moby Grape--8:05

Mott the Hoople--Foxy, Foxy

Sweeney Todd (Broadway production not the movie), George Hearn and

Julee Cruise/Angleo Badalamenti--Falling


Weirdmonger said...

Mine is 'Clowns' by Goldfrapp.

Hi, Neddal, not heard from you for a while. Hope you're well.

N. Ayad said...

Hi, Des. Good to hear from you! I have a total blind spot when it comes to Goldfrapp, I'll have to check it out.