Sunday, May 18, 2008

Special Edition: Things We Endorse

Brought to you by The Cure

The Cure at the Air Canada Centre, May 15, 2008.
The Cure opening with 'Open'.
Three encores.
The Cure playing for three hours.
Shadow animals during 'A Forest'.
The bass solo in 'A Forest'.
Singing along to 'The Lovecats'.
Robert Smith knowing when to play 'One Hundred Years'.
Simon Gallup's ass.
The Cure finally releasing a new single.
Hearing 'Hot Hot Hot' live.
'From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea'.
Robert Smith dancing.
The Cure still being together, making new music and playing live shows.

-N. Votta

1 comment:

N. Ayad said...

Ok, I just want to make it clear that *I* don't endorse Simon Gallup's ass.